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Aerospace coatings company, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace is introducing an extensive color selection program as a new option for aviation design specifiers and paint shops. The program includes new exterior and interior color selector books and fan deck sets with a wide sample range of colors, effect options, selectors with larger chip sizes (some as much as 50%), and a claimed improvement in chip quality with higher gloss. The new Aerospace Color Fan Deck Sets feature large samples of solid and effect selections. The fan deck enables users to view colors in large format and compare colors side by side.

The color system is presented in a simplified format with solid, metallic and mica colors. The exterior selector tools feature 333 colors, and the interior version features 107 – almost three-times more than the previous interior selector tool. Each of the exterior topcoat colors are available as a single stage (monocoat) in one of several systems, or as a basecoat-clearcoat, with options for opaques, micas and metallics. The interior selector also shows options for solid colors, opaques, effects and textures.

“Our new color selection system was designed to provide the most impact and assistance for the leading aircraft OEM and MRO aircraft paint applicators and scheme designers,” stated Julie Voisin, global marketing manager at Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings. “The new color selection tools not only offer some of our popular, legacy colors, but we also included exciting new colors and effects to the collection.”

The team at Sherwin-Williams conducted an evaluation process when developing the design resource, reviewing each color and examining which colors were most frequently used in the marketplace, to establish a strong initial range of potential colors. OEM and MRO designers were also called upon to offer opinions and rank individual colors.

“We examined evolving color trends, compared color ranges within the existing and proposed palettes, and considered different effects before taking our panels through review sessions where colors were thoroughly compared and ranked until we came up with what we feel is among the finest color collections within the industry,” stated Voisin.

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