Spanish tannery launches anti-bacterial leather


In response to the heightened cabin hygiene expectations of passengers undertaking Covid-19 travel, Spanish tannery Tenerias Omega has launched two ranges of anti-bacterial leather (ABL) for aviation, named Fresco and Rocket.

Coatings are applied at different stages of production, which are claimed to prevent bacteria penetrating into the leather. The range has been tested according to the UNE-EN ISO 16187 standard (a test method to assess antibacterial activity). The range does not contain chlorines or bleaches.

According to Tenerias Omega, the leathers can be disinfected when required by using its recently launched its Leatherlution product, a dermatologically tested leather disinfectant solution that cleanses leather surfaces without damaging them, and is suitable for all pigmented leathers. The solution does not contain chlorines and bleaches, does not stain clothing and eliminates a claimed 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, according to UNE-EN ISO 16187 and is 100% biodegradable.

“This new anti-bacterial and disinfection range was created and launched following the escalation of Covid-19. Presented with a wide palette of colours, Fresco and Rocket are designed to help restore human confidence in air travel and public areas such as hotels and restaurants, which are among the main problems that airlines and hospitality and contract businesses are facing during the pandemic. Fresco and Rocket have been created to offer all of the attributes of leather, coupled with the peace of mind of anti-bacterial leather to meet the demands of today’s Covid-19 era”, stated Alberto Navarro, managing director of Tenerias Omega.

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