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Amid the Covid-19 crisis, some sectors of aerospace are thriving. One company enjoying growth is Aviation Clean Air (ACA), which reports it is experiencing increased interest and an uptick in orders for its Ionization Purification System.

The ACA product is a proactive system that immediately improves interior air quality, eliminates odours and kills pathogens in the air and on surfaces wherever they live throughout the cabin and cockpit of the aircraft. The system, which is certified for aircraft installation by both the FAA and EASA, operates through the aircraft’s existing environmental control system (ECS) and is a natural purification process that produces no harmful ozone or chemicals and requires no maintenance such as filters to be changed or charged plates to clean. 

“We began manufacturing our Ionization Purification System in 2014 and it is currently installed on a variety of aircraft models,” said Howard Hackney, ACA managing member. “The system is proven to effectively purify the air and surfaces throughout an aircraft’s interior.” 

The ACA system functions electronically by creating positive and negative ions that form from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapour present in the air and work as a cleaning agent to purify the air and surfaces. The technology replicates and accelerates nature’s cleaning process that inactivate airborne and surface viruses. 

“We have a very large number of our systems installed on aircraft flying throughout the world,” added Hackney. “The increased demand shows us that more aircraft operators and passengers are appreciating what those currently flying with the system already know and have experienced.” 

ACA recently partnered with International Aero Engineering to manufacture and distribute a portable ground unit to clean and disinfect aircraft interiors while on the ground. The Ion Distribution Unit for Ground Use Only uses the same technology as ACA’s airborne system.

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