Qantas: a century of fabulous design


Lovers of aircraft interiors will adore Qantas’ new safety video, which celebrates a century of the Australian airline’s operations. From 1940s flying boats and 1920s propeller aircraft, to 1980s mullets and 1970s moustaches, and even the wonderful Captain Cook upper deck lounge, this time-lapse video is a real celebration of 100 years of Qantas design (with a safety message too, of course).

The safety briefing is delivered by Qantas crew in recreated historical settings, including onboard aircraft and in airport terminals. Some of the scenes were recreated in real life, while others such as the original Avro 504 and the 1930s De Havilland 86, were bought back to life using CGI.

The production team spent months researching information from the national archives and aviation museums, and used photographs and artefacts from the extensive Qantas Heritage collection to perfect the details of each scene, from original life jackets to the wall panels from retired aircraft that were retrieved from the Mojave Desert.

The wonderful crew uniforms from throughout the decades were sourced from Qantas’ own collection and retired Qantas crew. The clothing for extras came from a combination of personal wardrobes and shops in regional communities.

Current Qantas staff also appear in historical versions of their present-day roles, with Alastair Fysh, the grandson of Qantas co-founder Sir Hudson Fysh, also making a cameo appearance.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce stated, “This safety video is a look back at the different styles of aircraft, service and uniforms that have been part of our long history. And it calls out the contribution Qantas and its people have made to aviation, like the invention of the slide raft, as well as the national carrier’s role in connecting Australia to the world. It’s really a tribute to a century of our people, the changing styles, and our innovation. The one thing that has never changed is our commitment to safety.”



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