Author Stefan Meier-Arndt, Schroth VP of engineering at Schroth Safety Products, with John Walton


A guide to airline seatbelts and certification

Integrating passenger restraint systems into aircraft seating is highly complex. This report explains how to develop the perfect solution for your seat, cabin and aircraft, and outlines how some of aviation’s most complicated and in-depth seat design regulations work


Delta Air Lines: How tech will help international travel recover

Delta’s innovation leader, Matt Muta, explains how technology can help the aviation industry return to a pre-Covid travel experience. In this Q&A he explains how new digital solutions can take the guesswork out of international travel, speed its recovery and build a seamless customer experience

Cabin Design

RATIOS: a new approach to cabin design

Three Italian companies have joined forces to reimagine commercial aircraft interior design and the passenger experience. The project, named RATIOS, is intended to completely rethink cabins to meet the needs of various travellers and benefit the environment


How certified art can innovate aircraft design

Contemporary cabin design for private aircraft is increasingly moving towards creating ‘liveable’ spaces. Art is a key consideration for adding a sense of comfort, and offers the opportunity to incorporate a client’s personal taste


Remembering Royce’s pioneering flight

As aviation moves on from its pause in recent weeks, let’s remember an important flight that helped establish the aviation industry. 110 years ago, at 6.30pm on 2 June 1910, aviation pioneer Charles Stewart Rolls took off alone in his flimsy biplane to achieve the world’s first non-stop double crossing of the English Channel by aeroplane. His legacy should encourage us to keep looking to the future


Blended Wing Body cabin design insights

As Airbus brings back the idea of Blended Wing Body commercial aircraft, let’s go back to 2004 when Werner Granzeier from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences shared some real insights into the cabins enable designers to think ‘outside of the tube’


Aircraft cabin hygiene: keeping viruses at bay

Having hundreds of people crammed into a confined space for long periods can be a recipe for dirt and disease. As concerns about Coronavirus grip the world, how can bugs and bacteria be banished from the cabin to help ensure safe and healthy air travel?


Aircraft cabin materials flammability: expert insights

Following on from the fire safety testing feature in our November 2019 issue, Marisa Garcia investigates how regulations and challenges in the world of flammability tests are making imaginative textile and leather designs difficult to achieve – but also making them safer to fly

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