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The aircraft seating sector has changed over the past decades through advancements in technology and passenger preferences. The trend has shifted toward comfort, entertainment and convenience. From the installation of everything from inflight entertainment (IFE) systems to cup holders, aircraft seating has gained a whole new dimension from what it was a couple of decades ago. Investors have been pouring money into the expansion of facilities that can be used to test seats and conduct research activities.

Moreover, new seating products have been launched. These products contain a lot of innovative features and have been designed by taking safety and the overall experience into consideration. The demand for well-equipped and comfortable seats will increase in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global aircraft seating market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

New investments have been made for the expansion of existing facilities for testing aircraft seating. Mirus, a Norwich-based company, is expected to develop the largest commercial testing facility for aircraft seating in the UK following investment by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Growing Business Fund. With investment of more than £4 million, the facility expansion will improve the testing capacity and create jobs for skilled labour. The additional 407 Sq-m facility will be an expansion to the already existing facility of 2,500 Sq-m.

Ben McGuire, the CEO of Mirus, highlighted that the in-house testing facility marks a significant milestone in the history of the company and will contribute toward the local economy. The facility is expected to improve the company’s technical knowledge, shorten lead times, and consolidate the overall competence. Moreover, the company will be able to develop new technologies rapidly and cater to the requirements of airline clients. When complete, the facility will offer state-of-the-art and dynamic test facilities that can be utilized for destructive or non-destructive crash test applications.

Many new seating products have been launched around the world as manufacturers target comfort and convenience for airline travelers. Geven, an Italian seat producer, recently launched Elemento, a next-generation aircraft seating product. The company joined hands with PriestmanGoode, a London-based design house, for development of the new product. This product offers increased passenger comfort and an improved experience. In addition, this seat enables ease of integration and the installation of various IFE monitors and holders for personal devices. It is suitable for both narrow- and wide-body aircraft.

Moreover, features such as integrated lighting, cocktail tables and adjustable headrests are available in the product. From single-fold and bi-fold tables, to cup holders, airlines will be able to choose from different options. A huge amount of cushioning has been provided for the lower back, seat pan and lumbar areas. Such innovative design and features could change the way seats have been installed in aircraft.

The launch of new seats continues with innovative offerings from TSI Seats, the Turkish aircraft seat producer, which recently announced the launch of its Epianka-branded slimline platform. This seating platform has been developed for economy class cabins and is available as Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) for Boeing’s airline customers. Epianka offers customisation options along with the ability to install IFE monitors of up to 13.3in. The design offers consistency in passenger experience, improves maintenance efficiency, and is suitable for both narrow- and widebody applications. The company showcased the seats in Boeing’s showrooms to expand the market reach and enhance accessibility for leading airlines in the world.

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