A Rendez-Vous with comfort


Following a soft launch behind the scenes at Aircraft Interiors Expo in June, Stelia Aerospace has officially launched Rendez-Vous, a new staggered business-class seat for widebody platforms, claimed to be one of the widest on the market. The seat is designed like a large, comfortable sofa, enabled by integrating the backrest into the backshell, with no headrest or armrests to constrain passengers’ seating position. The design was created in collaboration with Swiss-based studio, Design Investment.

The idea of sofa-like business-class seating has become a popular trend following the launch of Finnair’s SkyLounge, and this topic is explored in the September issue of Aircraft Interiors International.

Rendez-Vous is available in both a ‘solo’ and ‘honeymoon’ (double) configuration to meet the needs of all types of passenger experience, whether high-level business trips or luxury leisure travel. In-seat comfort features include direct aisle access for all passengers, a spacious and comfortable fully flat bed (single or double), a large privacy door that creates a wide and comfortable private suite, and a full-height privacy divider.

The double Rendez-Vous seat offers an open space with a residential feel

“When you’re travelling far, thousands of miles from home, all you desire is to feel like you would at home. With Rendez-Vous, our brand new business-class staggered seat presenting a unique sofa seating comfort, airlines can offer their passengers an outstanding travel experience with a perfect ‘at home’ feeling while flying,” said Thierry Kanengieser, VP of cabin interiors at Stelia Aerospace.

More details of Rendez-Vous will follow in the Showcase issue of Aircraft Interiors International.

Rendez-Vous is available in a ‘honeymoon’ (double) configuration

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