Aviointeriors develops eVTOL aircraft seating range


The electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft market is fast growing, with many OEMs and startups competing to launch the first aircraft. Aircraft seat manufacturer, Aviointeriors, has entered the fray with a range of seating it is developing for eVTOLs, though its name, Seaty Flyer, might benefit from a little more work.

Aviointeriors has been using composites for its seating and cabin interior products for many years, which the company says is a key strength for all-electric aircraft, in which minimising weight is even more vital than in commercial airliners.

Aviointeriors’ Seaty Flyer composite seat for eVTOLs

The Seaty Flyer is offered for all seating configurations onboard the aircraft, for pilot and passenger seats, and both forward- and aft-facing seats. All seats are being designed to share the same basic structure in order to ensure high commonality of components, bringing benefits in terms of programme reliability.

Many optional features are also being developed to allow customisation, including a backrest that can be folded down to convert the seat in a cargo platform that can hold luggage or secure a wheelchair.

“Aviointeriors is ready to introduce Seaty Flyer, a seat specifically designed for eVTOL aircraft installations, and is available to cooperate with any OEM to contribute to the re-imagination of future urban connections with safe, sustainable and accessible solutions” said Gaetano Perugini, Aviointeriors’ engineering consultant.

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