Jamco reveals the hygienic Venture Pristine business class seat


Following the reveal of its Project Blue Sky range of touchless cabin technologies in August 2020, Jamco has launched Venture Pristine, an option for its Venture business class seat incorporating antimicrobial and antiviral material finishes. Every aspect of the Venture Pristine trim and finish options is designed to maximise inflight hygiene while also enabling easier and more effective sanitisation of the seat after use.

The base Venture seat has a seamless design, with full-radius integrated trim and a capacitive interface for the seat controls, both of which minimise the split lines and gaps that can harbour dirt and germs. Venture’s designers applied efficiencies from augmented reality training that support remote contactless training, eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction, and also enabled a lightweight design by requiring fewer parts.

The Venture Pristine solution takes cleanliness a step further by incorporating a variety of modern, hygienic materials and coatings on all surfaces of the product, which inhibit the growth of pathogens. The high-touch areas incorporate materials that are both a hostile environment for pathogens and “nearly chemical-proof”, allowing for the use of powerful cleaning agents. The low-touch areas, which tend to be cleaned less regularly, incorporate paint impregnated with antimicrobial properties in order to reduce the surface lifespan of pathogens and maintain sanitary conditions between cleanings.

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