MYAirline opts for Geven’s superEco seats


MYAirline, a new Malaysia-based low-cost airline established in January 2021, has partnered with Geven for the fitment of its ‘superEco’ ergonomic aircraft seats on its fleet of three A320-200s – a figure the airline intends to increase rapidly as its network grows.

The superEco seat features a padded dress cover, a ‘self-structural’ bottom cushion, a lower literature pocket and flush armrests. MYAirline has opted for a pre-reclined seat angle of 109.4 degrees, an angle chosen for comfort and to prevent disputes over reclining seats.

There is 17.3in of legroom at the emergency exit rows, and 12.3in at the other seat rows, with decent shin and knee clearance at the 29in seat pitch of most rows – the emergency exit row seat pitch is 34in.

Middle seat passengers have also been considered, with an extra 0.5in of seat width compared with the neighbouring 18in-wide seats. All seats are fitted with personal electronic device (PED) holders built into the meal trays for viewing content on smartphones or tablets.

MYAirline’s seats are pre-reclined at 109.4 degrees

“Although we are a low-cost airline, we take pride in ensuring that we provide highly comfortable seats. We want our passengers to enjoy their journey and with our seats pre-reclined, one does not need to put their seat upright during take-off or landing. Our carefully selected interior fittings is a testament to our efforts in ensuring operational safety, efficiency and sustainability, while providing comfort. Besides being comfortable, the superEco seats are not only lightweight but easy to maintain. This helps keep our cost structure low,” stated Rayner Teo, CEO of MYAirline.

The seats are finished with customised ELeather padded dress covers, made from a material that blends natural leather fibres with a high-performance core material, which makes it lightweight. The material is sourced from leather trimmings that would otherwise go to landfills.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with Geven and for being the first in the region to offer a more sustainable aircraft seating. The sleek, ergonomically designed seats along with them being lightweight, fits our aspiration as an eco-friendly airline. Overall, these lightweight seats will result in less fuel burn and CO2 emissions. This is a positive step towards playing our role in reducing our carbon footprint,” said Teo.

Alberto Veneruso, managing director of Geven added, “We are pleased to see our newborn superEco seats reach the APAC skies for the first time with MyAirline. Selecting this innovative lightweight seat to outfit its fleet will allow MyAirline to contribute to its sustainability efforts via reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while offering passengers maximum comfort and travel space.”

MYAirline’s seatbacks feature PED holders

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