De Havilland working on cabin cleaning robot


De Havilland Aircraft of Canada is working with Aero HygenX in the development and marketing of an autonomous UV-C cabin sanitising robot, optimised for use on Dash 8 Series aircraft.

The robotic system, named RAY, is designed and manufactured by Aero HygenX, a Canada-based company. RAY works autonomously to deliver high-frequency ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, a wavelength of light that destroys up to 99.99% of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 virus. The use of RAY can remove pathogens from cabins between flights, and would also reduce the need for frequent chemical-based disinfection that could potentially damage aircraft interior surfaces and sensitive equipment, and leave residues. In a Dash 8 Series aircraft the RAY robot can clean the cabin in less than five minutes.

“The cabin environmental control systems on our Dash 8 Series aircraft are highly effective in providing safe air quality for passengers during flight, and RAY will be a consistent, sustainable and chemical-free means of disinfecting the cabin air and surfaces between flights,” stated Robert Mobilio, VP of engineering and quality at De Havilland Canada. “Working closely with our engineers and operators of Dash 8 aircraft, Aero HygenX is quickly optimising RAY’s design to meet the specific size and operational requirements of all models of Dash 8 aircraft. We look forward to offering RAY to operators of Dash 8 aircraft soon.”

As part of being optimised for use on Dash 8 Series aircraft, RAY is being redesigned with a more compact body while still delivering the required UV-C dosage and 360° coverage throughout the cabin. The more compact profile of the robot will also facilitate its use inside lavatories and crew areas. Data analysis and reporting of disinfection procedures will be available via the cloud-based HygenXStream.

“We’re excited with the level of support we are receiving from an industry leader like De Havilland Canada,” said Arash Mahin, CEO of Aero HygenX. “Operators of Dash 8 Series aircraft will be able to use RAY during their pre-flight disinfection procedures to manage Covid-19 risks and help re-build passenger confidence. We believe RAY will strengthen our invaluable aviation industry and mitigate the impacts of future disease outbreaks.”

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