Embraer named most innovative company in Brazil


The Valor Econômico Brazil Innovation Awards have named Embraer as the Most Innovative Company in Brazil, marking the fifth time Embraer has won the award. The Valor Econômico Brazil Innovation Awards are organised by the newspaper Valor Econômico, a leading daily newspaper in Brazil, and supported by Strategy & Consulting – a PwC consultancy.

The awards assess the innovation practices at companies operating in Brazil. The ranking is based on five criteria: intention to innovate, effort to carry out innovation, results obtained, market assessment, and knowledge generation. The objective is to analyse how each of these pillars are embedded in the participating companies and distinguish the truly innovative companies from those that only follow technological trends.

The survey has a custom build model, developed specifically for the Brazilian market, and based on qualitative and quantitative indicators, that identify companies that adopt the best innovation management, achieve their investments in the market, and achieve results. The survey also assesses companies by sector in the economy. Based on comparisons and analysis, sector-based rankings are drawn up. The groups are created after analysing the five innovation criteria mentioned above, which illustrate the type of innovation common to each sector.

“As a five-time title holder it clearly demonstrates we are on the right path in our transformation process,” stated Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO of Embraer. “Our focus on sustained growth and value creation will lead to continuous investments in innovative businesses. I dedicate this award to all of our 18,000 employees around the world, who overcome challenges every day, with great skill, focus, and energy.”

Embraer sees its role in the innovation ecosystem as global and collaborative. In 2020, 43% of its revenue came from innovations that took place in the last five years. Embraer says that this illustrates the importance of having uninterrupted investment in innovation for the future and long-term competitiveness of the company.

“Embraer is the result of the long-term view taken by visionaries who in the 1940s believed that Brazil could build its own aircraft. Their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit focused on generating and promoting knowledge,” added Gomes Neto.

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