Global aircraft OEM co-develops cabin comfort technologies


A global aircraft manufacturer has partnered with ITT Inc, and challenged the supplier to develop custom technologies for its new range of medium-range airliners, with the aim of enhancing cabin comfort. The identity of the aircraft OEM is being kept confidential at present, though it would be easy to speculate, especially since ITT has revealed that delivery of the first of these new aircraft types began in spring 2018.

ITT engineers – together with its Enidine and Aerospace Controls sub-brands – have worked closely with the aircraft OEM’s engineering teams to develop products that reduce cabin noise and increase the fuel efficiency of the narrow-body jetliners. One such project is the ‘Custom Interior Isolators’, which reduce structure-borne noise, keeping the aircraft cabin quiet, even under harsh environmental conditions. Further cabin noise-reducing technologies include an APU inlet and exhaust silencer intended to reduce the noise of air being drawn into and exhaust exiting the APU, and a dust separator silencer, which reduces cabin noise from the system used to filter out dust and sand in the air management system. In addition, an air cycle machine uses elastomeric strut isolator technology, for a quieter, more efficient air conditioning system – with a claimed weight saving of 35% over the previous design.

Other clever cabin features devised during the partnership include lightweight stowage bin rotary actuators that use a torsion spring and low profile to allow for more stowage space, and water system heaters to help ensure water and wastewater don’t freeze inside the water systems, helping ensure the reliable operation of galley and bathroom sinks and toilets.

On the more flight-critical systems side, the team has created a hydraulic shutoff valve that enables consistent flow control, and a passive overwing exit actuator that enables smooth, controlled release of the overwing emergency doors, even under high loads and extreme conditions.

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