Air Canada launches sustainable business travel initiative


Air Canada has launched its ‘Leave Less’ travel programme, offering corporate customers options to offset or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to business travel and reduce their carbon footprint.

Corporate customers – the first of which is Deloitte Canada – can now purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), carbon offsets or a combination of both. The programme is part of Air Canada’s Climate Action Plan, which includes an investment of $50 Million in SAF, and carbon reductions and removals with the aim of achieving net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

“Building a long-term sustainable aviation industry requires a collective effort and companies will play a key role in building greener and more sustainable air travel. We are pleased to see that customers, such as Deloitte, are taking concrete actions by supporting and contributing to innovative solutions,” said Michael Rousseau, president and CEO of Air Canada.

Corporate customers can choose the offering they want through a customized approach using SAF, carbon offsets, or a combination of both, through four core actions. Air Canada first tracks and calculates the GHG emissions associated with customers’ business travel, and customers can then choose how they want to mitigate their GHG emissions associated with their business travel, whether SAF and/or carbon offsets.

Air Canada then purchases the required SAF volumes and to ensure the customer can claim the benefits of its investment, will implement a SAF certification system in line with industry best practices. Air Canada also facilitates the purchase of carbon offsets so the customer contributes to its sustainability goals.

“Air Canada has made sustainability a core component of its business decisions. This initiative allows our corporate customers to offset or reduce the GHG emissions associated with their business travel and empowers their employees to make sustainable choices. With this, companies work towards their sustainability goals while they partner with us to advance decarbonisation in the airline industry,” added Rousseau.

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