Emirates cabin crew to be virtually trained


July 20, 2015 – Emirates Airlines (EK) has selected Cubic Global Defense (CGD) to develop a virtual, immersive, game-based aviation training system for its cabin crew. According to the airline, this deal makes Emirates the first commercial airline to utilize game-based instruction, which incorporates high-fidelity visuals with engaging, synthetic environment technologies. 3D classroom stations with touchscreen interaction are included under the contract, along with web- and mobile-delivered training.

Game-based learning will allow the EK cabin crew to acquire and practice the thought processes and skills required to respond appropriately under the pressure of real-world challenges while in a safe, virtual environment. According to CGD, its systems use learning science-based processes to support development of lessons and scenarios for multiple delivery mechanisms, which will provide EK with flexibility to meet increases in demand while maintaining quality and effectiveness of training.

“The EK cabin crew will be educated using the latest advances in instructional design, coupled with the engagement of video game technology allowingGDubic Global Defense. “We look forward to helping define a new industry standard in aviation training that cost-effectively focuses on safety while incorporating emerging virtual technology.”

According to CGD, immersive training creates greater memory retention than traditional modes such as computer-based learning, and trainees will be able to access the aviation training from any location through web-interfaced and mobile devices.

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