RoyalJet employs HAECO in-seat package stowage systems


Abu Dhabi-based private aviation company, RoyalJet, has incorporated HAECO Cabin Solutions’ in-seat package stowage systems, which enable cargo to be carried in the passenger cabin of its Boeing 737-700 aircraft fleet.

“In our drive to enhance the capabilities of our fleet during these challenging times we have been searching for ways to allow our customers to transport more precious cargo on their trips,” explained Rob DiCastri, CEO of RoyalJet. “Of the solutions we considered, HAECO Cabin Solutions’ all-in-one cargo solution and cargo bags provided the most payload and cargo volume and was easily configurable to adapt to the available space, maximising cargo capacity while minimising cabin modification.”

HAECO Cabin Solutions provided the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the equipment and installation, and the United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) granted operational approval to operate the aircraft with both cargo and passengers, greatly enhancing RoyalJet’s operational flexibility.

“These are challenging times for airlines. We are delighted to offer these quick and cost-effective solutions that allow RoyalJet to continue passenger operations, as well as the capability to greatly increase and maximise the cargo volume and payload capacity of their aircraft,” said Doug Rasmussen, president and group director of HAECO Cabin Solutions.

HAECO Cabin Solutions’ all-in-one in-seat cargo stowage device

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