Airbus opens ACJ TwoTwenty creative studio


Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has opened the ACJ TwoTwenty creative studio in Toulouse, France, a space dedicated to ACJ customers. The studio houses a full-size section of the ACJ TwoTwenty cabin so that clients can truly see and feel their customisation ideas and options, aided by ACJ designers and technical specialists. Virtual reality technology is also available, complemented by configurable customer-specific mock-ups that can give clients a sense of cabin ideas without committing to expensive mockups or orders.

“Our ACJ TwoTwenty features unmatched personal space, with 786 ft2 of floor space. It is important to let [customers]feel the space and ultimate comfort it brings. Thanks to latest technologies we offer our customers a real time and immersive design experience.”, said Benoit Defforge, president of ACJ.

Customers can browse and feel hundreds of cabin options, including soft natural fabrics, plush carpets, wood veneers and plated metal finishings. They can also see how their chosen colour schemes for seating, carpets and walls, or the wood effects and finishes for the handcrafted cabinets, change under different lighting conditions before committing to a design. They may also choose one of the three available cabin ambiances and one special Cyril Kongo edition configuration, which are all part of the signature cabin catalogue.

ACJ TwoTwenty customers will be invited to the studio to explore their layout ideas, and to make further visits to develop, adjust and review them before immersing themselves in their perfect cabin.

ACJ TwoTwenty customers can ‘walk around’ their cabin ideas in the studio, whether on a schematic, mockup or VR experience

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