Green Gourmet fish & chips batter the opposition


Green Gourmet is celebrating a second Mercury Award win in three years at the SIAL Middle East expo. This year, the company won for the ‘it’s just… my box of fish and chips’ product.

This product has been developed to enable inflight caterers to tap into the strong global demand for the classic British fish dish. Two years in the making, it solves the previous problem of how to keep the batter crispy and how to stop the chips becoming soggy when in the air (for non-British readers, these chips are like very thick French fries). The product features white and flaky, sustainably sourced, cod fillet and is the first consumer-ready product for the global travel market to be Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

Barry Jordan, marketing manager at Green Gourmet stated, “Challenging the expectations of what caterers can successfully serve on-board is what Green Gourmet is all about. We’re delighted that such a highly respected judging panel has selected our ‘it’s just… my box of fish and chips’ as the Mercury Award Food & Beverage winner for 2014.”

According to Green Gourmet, the product has already achieved a summer 2014 listing with British Airways and is currently being trialled by leading travel caterers around the world.

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