Global Aerospace Cluster Partnership set up to drive aviation innovation


Hamburg Aviation, the coordinator of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP), has established a new entity intended to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and innovation within the global aerospace community. The entity, named the Global Aerospace Cluster Partnership (GACP), had its first official meeting during the 2023 Paris Air Show, attended by 12 clusters and cluster facilitators from around the world.

The idea is not entirely new, being an evolution of the Global Aerospace Cluster summits that began in 2017 as a means for aerospace clusters to collaborate and explore opportunities for growth and partnerships. It was during the 2022 summit at the Farnborough International Airshow, when attendees expressed a desire for more frequent exchanges, that the idea for the GACP was born.

The GACP is intended to benefit member companies by fostering meaningful exchanges, facilitating joint initiatives and creating synergies among its partners. The partnership aims to address common challenges among its members and explore new ideas to drive growth, sustainability and competitiveness across the aerospace sector. Drawing from the momentum already present in the EACP, the GACP aims to add a more global dimension.

The GACP also has sponsors, including Aéro Montréal, Gouvernement du Québec, EDB Singapore, IASC International Aviation Supply Chain, and EACP European Aerospace Cluster Partnership.

“By establishing the Global Aerospace Cluster Partnership, we create the foundation for a continuous global knowledge exchange, strategic collaboration, and joint initiatives. Together, we enhance the competitiveness of our members and strengthen their position as global leaders in innovation,” stated Niklas Schilling, EACP coordinator and international affairs manager at Hamburg Aviation.

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