IFE vendor invests in China after CAAC relaxes restrictions

IFE vendor, Display Interactive has been selected to participate in the fourth Impact China 2019​ business accelerator program, a scheme organized by Bpifrance and Business France to empower French Tech and ​French Fab​ companies’ development in the Chinese market. The French company’s approval involved a selection process by a jury of 15 French and Chinese experts and venture capitalists from the tech and digital ecosystem markets, with business case, product assessment and strategy for growth in the Chinese market being key criteria.
Display Interactive’s executives made the decision to invest in the Chinese market in January 2018, when CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) relaxed restrictions on mobile devices use on aircraft, which opened the doors to a growing number of Chinese airlines embracing in-flight connectivity and digitalization on board.
“Taking part in this business acceleration program is aligned with our investment and key focus during the last months. We have doubled our team working for China, and our relationship with local partners are thriving and driving us towards the right direction,”  stated Tarek El Mitwalli, CEO of Display Interactive. Now we start 2019 with the ambition of taking our expansion strategy to the next level and reinforcing our clients and partners ecosystem in China.”
Display Interactive has based its 2019 product strategy upon a roadmap focused on features that go beyond infotainment, and cover a range of onboard services intended to enable new profitable business models for airlines.
“Digitalization in the aviation sector in China is opening new horizons with regard to optimizing operations, enabling cost-efficiency and exploring new business opportunities”, added El Mitwalli. “But Chinese carriers are very practical and need to see a clear ROI out of their digital investments. On the top of that, China as a market is moving incredibly fast, with deep changes from one month to another. An in-flight entertainment & services solution such as UGO, our BYOD system, needs to be agile and easy to deploy, so airlines can rapidly expand their digital strategies onboard.”
El Mitwalli has noted practical demands from operators in the China market, as he explained, “It is unconceivable for them that system technical limitations could impact the strategy. It is indeed the product that needs to adapt. Unlike the few traditional solutions available on the Chinese market, our technology is flexible by design and ready to welcome new concepts and partners integrations in a record time. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to expand on the Chinese market, because we are convinced that this specificity makes it a premium choice for Chinese carriers”.
As part of the business accelerator program, Display Interactive will conduct strategic meetings in China over the coming months, in order to evaluate new alliances and opportunities.
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