APEX Expo news: OneWeb’s plans for ‘fibre in the sky’


Global communications company, OneWeb, has stated that it is “set to revolutionise” in-flight connectivity by delivering a seamless, global fibre-like broadband service to any air route, whether short or long-haul flights, and over the polar region, via a LEO satellite network.

OneWeb is working with distribution partners to create a low-latency communications network designed to allow airlines to offer passengers and crew a “significantly faster and more reliable” experience in accessing data and internet services in-flight. The service will be available over airline routes previously not possible to connect, such as Arctic routes and is also intended to allow airlines to improve their digitisation programs across the whole passenger journey, from booking to inflight, landing and onward journeys.

The connectivity service will be available for customer demos in 2020, with full service launching in 2021.

“The airline community is restricted by the throughput and latency constraints of today’s in-flight connectivity services. There is an acknowledged need for a step change and our global airline services will democratise the connectivity experience, enabling everyone to enjoy high-speed, low-latency connectivity, even on 500-passenger aircraft,” said Ben Griffin, OneWeb’s VP of commercial aviation. “Our vision for aviation is fully customised, truly global passenger broadband.”

For more insights into a ‘fibre in the sky’ experience, see our laser-based connectivity feature HERE.

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