Lufthansa Technik develops radome for faster data transfer


Lufthansa Technik has developed its first radome for the Ka-band. According to the company, the material layer structure of the TIOS (two-in-one solution) radome housing makes it possible to install Ka-band antennas, providing optimal high-speed internet and TV connections for all Boeing Business Jets I (737-700) and II (737-800). In December 2016, Lufthansa Technik received the EASA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) and FAA validation for the TIOS.

Lufthansa Technik states that its approach of installing TIOS on the vertical stabilizer makes it the ideal platform for satcom and satellite TV antennas, as well as an HD camera. In combination with the installation of the antenna system in the rear fuselage of the aircraft, this solution saves space and also reduces weight by up to 100kg.

Andrew Muirhead, head of Lufthansa Technik’s Original Equipment Innovation division, explains, “The special aerodynamic design and the installation on the vertical stabilizer mean that the radome reduces drag and has a positive effect on the aircraft’s center of gravity.”

Lufthansa Technik has offered a radome for Ku/L band antennas since 2000. “As the first version of TIOS is not suitable for Ka-band frequencies with high data rates, we investigated many different materials and their characteristics as part of the development of TIOS. Ultimately, we were able to develop an innovative material layer structure that allows frequencies in the Ka band to pass through, providing double speed data transfer for passengers,” stated Beate Rehberg, product manager for TIOS at Lufthansa Technik.

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