FlightPath3D wins innovation awards at Airbus Hackathon 2020


Moving map company, FlightPath3D, has enjoyed success at Airbus’s first Online Hackathon, winning the ‘Preferred App’ award and a joint win in the ‘Best Innovation’ award category. In addition to Airbus, several airlines judged and selected the award winners.

From 7-9 July, Airbus organised the first Online Hackathon, designed to develop On-board digital solutions on an Airbus Open Software Platform to support better operations in a post-Covid world, as part of its #KeepTrustInAirTravel initiative.

Duncan Jackson, president of FlightPath3D  explained the winning system, “We integrated duty-free merchandising, advertising, and the ability to buy with a payment solution into our map. Third-party apps used our destination content, street maps, and flight tracker to augment their already highly functional apps.”

“Now more than ever, our industry needs to realize the potential of digital transformation,” he added. “There is synergy in our app community, and we observed our map being integrated into more services, and more services using our API features than any other app.”

FlightPath3D CEO, Boris Veksler stated, “We leveraged our HTML/WebGL streaming 3D map and via our Open API platform integrated third-party content into our map, and vice versa, provided map features into third-party apps. The innovation we achieved is linked to the openness of the Airbus platform, and to the eco-system of App developers that are compatible with the platform.”

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