Inmarsat launches digital onboard experience ‘bundles’


Many airlines are regarding the fully connected passenger experience as an element of their recovery strategies, which has inspired Inmarsat to launch a series of ‘bundles’ for its OneFi passenger experience platform, giving airlines the ability to customise and right-size their digital experiences.

OneFi is a connected platform that brings together multiple inflight services – including high-speed wi-fi, movies, duty free shopping and trip planning – within a single portal interface, enabling airlines to create ancillary revenue streams and enhance the passengers’ digital experiences. By dividing OneFi’s features into individual bundles, airlines can build a digital onboard experience that best suits their passenger mix, simply selecting and paying for bundles of features as and when they need them – whether all bundles at once, or incrementally over time as needs and tastes evolve. Elements of OneFi such as wi-fi plans, airline information, content assets, ad campaigns and retail prices can be updated easily on the ground, to optimise the potential of the aircraft cabin as a channel for revenue.

On top of the core OneFi Connect module, which offers airline-branded connectivity and ISP functionality, there are six additional bundles available. OneFi Airline ID provides information and customer feedback, including built-in communications support, services on arrival, an inflight magazine, a Content Management System and a passenger survey. OneFi Loyalty enables airlines to use data such as language and destination to prioritise services and incorporates frequent flyer programmes to offer free or discounted wi-fi depending on tier level, as well as giving passengers the option to pay via frequent flyer points.

The OneFi Entertainment bundle enables the integration and serving of wirelessly streamed entertainment, including video, audio and gaming to passengers’ personal devices, as well as the presentation of content in multiple catalogues. It includes digital rights management and content updates. Another bundle, OneFi Media, enables passenger content such as real-time journey and news updates, moving maps, PDF magazines and other relevant new content.

To capitalise on engaging content, OneFi Advertising offers multiple calls to action and ad placements that can be incorporated within the user interface. These can be supported by an ad server, and campaign targeting and reporting. Finally, OneFi Shop offers passengers the ability to shop onboard from their seat, providing shopping catalogues, promotions and retailer and crew app integrations.

William Huot-Marchand, Inmarsat Aviation’s senior vice president of inflight connectivity said, “As airlines emerge from a difficult period of instability, providing solutions that prioritise growth and revenue generation is top of our priority list. Now more than ever, airlines need a platform that allows them to tap into the potential that personalised passenger experiences can offer. Our fully customisable platform, where modules can be incrementally added as customer expectations and business requirements change, gives airlines the ability to create value from connectivity in any way that they want to and to continue to grow their bottom lines.”

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