Travel Service to fly new IFEC system on B737 Max fleet


October 26, 2016 – Travel Service, the largest airline in the Czech Republic, has opted to equip its B737 Max fleet with a wireless IFE platform from Donica and Display Interactive. These aircraft will progressively enter into service starting early 2018, and will be retrofitted with the Cabin Network System Unit (CNSU), which merges a media server into a single component, along with a crew management panel, upload and update interfaces, and a dual modem for wireless communications. Just two of the wireless access points will be sufficient to serve all passengers on a narrow-body aircraft.

“From an engineering perspective, the new CNSU proposed by Donica was definitely an option to consider. When they mentioned the reduction of the number of LRUs and the space savings in the technical bay, they touched a soft spot,” stated Stanislav Blažek, avionics engineer at Travel Service.

“The combination of Donica’s technologically advanced hardware with the Display Interactive software solution was really key in our decision,” added Jan Lukes, lead avionics engineer at Travel Service. “Display Interactive ran a live demo of their Content Management System over the cloud, just to show how simple it is to change and update everything, including the graphical user interface, content and services. As a lessor, we can turn the wireless IFE to our clients’ brands in less than one hour when aircraft are on the ground, and this is highly valuable.”

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