Vietnam Airlines signs with FPT Telecom for domestic IFE


Vietnam Airlines has signed an agreement with FPT Telecom to introduce the company’s FPT Play IFE application to passengers travelling on the airline’s domestic flights. The FPT Play service, which will become active from 20 December 2019, features nearly 600 entertainment offerings, including TV series, movies, game shows plus music and sports channels.

To access the content, passengers will need to install the Vietnam Airlines app and the FPT Play app on their personal devices and then enter their reservation code, which will enable them to enjoy a range of entertainment programmes from 24 hours before, and up to six hours after their flight. In addition to the online streaming service, passengers can also download and view their content free of charge during the flight and without an active internet connection.

Trinh Ngoc Thanh, EVP of Vietnam Airlines, explained the deal, “Customers aged 20 to 35 using Vietnam Airlines’ products and services are growing rapidly and occupy an important demographic. This is an age group with an understanding of technology, online buying practices, digital exploration and self-discovery. To meet the increasing expectations of this group of customers, we have pioneered the application of modern, highly practical technologies to innovate and enhance the customer experience, such as wireless streaming on our Airbus A321neos, inflight wi-fi service on our Airbus A350s and the upcoming FPT Play application — all of which bring an exciting experience to passengers on all domestic flights of all aircraft models in Vietnam Airlines’ fleet.”

Hoang Viet Anh, CEO of FPT Telecom added further details: “Vietnam Airlines and FPT Play have discussed and agreed upon technical solutions as well as reviewed customer access from both parties’ applications. We will continue to study sitemap development plans and diversify content offerings. In particular, FPT Play will add 10 to 15% exclusive programmes for Vietnam Airlines customers and continuously provide updates so that the passengers’ experience is continually renewed and current. One of the differences for Vietnam Airlines passengers is that they can download content to their devices for offline viewing instead of only having the option to watch FPT Play content online (as usual).”

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