JAL’s revamped interiors to feature B/E Tapestry LED lighting


B/E Aerospace’s LED Tapestry lighting system has officially debuted as part of Japan Airlines’ (JAL) launch of the new JAL SKY NEXT service, which includes revamped cabin interiors providing more passenger convenience and comfort.

The all-LED Tapestry lighting system is, according to B/E Aerospace, the most technologically advanced aircraft interior lighting system available today and is designed to be retrofitted on in-service commercial aircraft. The system is designed to reduce overall aircraft weight and power consumption and features adjustable lighting with full spectrum colour capability.

“The Tapestry lighting product line provides Japan Airlines with the ability to use cabin lighting as an integral part of their branding strategy, creating a common customer experience across the fleet regardless of aircraft type,” stated Frank Ramos III, B/E Lighting Systems’ director of sales and marketing. “We believe passengers will appreciate the significant difference Tapestry makes to the cabin ambience, enhancing the in-flight experience with different lighting scenes complementing the different service modes, flight times and seasonal changes. JAL will see significant savings associated with the reduced weight and power consumption of the Tapestry system, along with reduced maintenance cost and the elimination of fluorescent lamps from their waste stream.”

The first JAL aircraft to feature the Tapestry lighting system is a Boeing 777-200, with the inaugural flight of the JAL SKY NEXT service commencing between Tokyo and Fukuoka on 28 May, 2014. The Tapestry lighting system will replace the existing OEM fluorescent lights across JAL’s domestic fleet of 77 aircraft, consisting of Boeing 777-200/300s, 767-300/300ERs and 737-800s.

In addition, B/E Aerospace’s Structures and Integration business, commonly known as FSI, was the airline’s choice as the primary Integrator for the JAL SKY NEXT project. FSI will hold five different Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) associated with the JAL domestic fleet retrofits and the Tapestry Lighting System.

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