Volotea to fit liTeMood LED systems on Airbus fleet


Aircraft cabin lighting specialist, STG Aerospace, has announced that Volotea, a Spanish LCC, will fit the company’s full-color Airbus liTeMood LED system to its A319 fleet. Volotea currently operates a mixed fleet of A319s and Boeing 717s, but plans to move to an all-Airbus fleet over the next five years, amounting to an order for 45 liTeMood systems.  Installation on the first batch of aircraft have already begun.

Isidre Porqueras, Volotea’s chief of cost and operations performance, commented, “Having made the decision to transition to an all-Airbus fleet, our next task was to ensure that our passengers would enjoy the most enjoyable and memorable journey we could offer them. Having experienced the impact of the full-color liTeMood system at AIX Hamburg, we were convinced that STG Aerospace had what we needed.”

STG Aerospace introduced the full-color version of liTeMood earlier this year for both single-aisle and twin-aisle Airbus aircraft. The system provides a choice of over 16 million colors and can be used to create bespoke scenes using a wireless programming tool. According to the company, the liTeMood system works with both classic and enhanced CIDS and can be installed in less than six hours on a typical A320, with no changes required to the aircraft’s wiring or control panels.

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