Adhetec launches antimicrobial adhesive films for the cabin


Adhetec, a specialist in technical adhesives for the aerospace industry, has launched a range of certified antimicrobial adhesive films embedded with Pylote’s natural antimicrobial technology, which is claimed to be effective against coronaviruses and bacteria. Pylote is a specialist in mineral and ceramic industrial chemistry.

Adhetec initially proposes the films for airlines, manufacturers or aeronautical subcontractors. The transparent or customisable adhesive films – available in Adhecal and Adhefilm versions – can be used to protect tray tables, IFE screens, armrest, handles or seat shells.

According to Adhetec, the decorative and protective self-adhesive film range offers effective microbiological properties during the entire period of use on the surfaces to which they are applied, and they do not present any risk for users,including very young children.

Pylote says that its technology has an immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination action (no loss of effectiveness over four years), and is particularly effective in protecting against viruses and bacteria.

Adhetec’s transparent antimicrobial antivirus film can be applied to IFE screens

The customisable version is named Adhecal 13423-AM, while the two transparent films are named Adhefilm 10801 and 10447-AM. All versions have been industrially qualified and tested against coronaviruses and bacteria in the Fonderephar laboratory (COFRAC certification) according to the ISO 21702 standard adapted for the human coronavirus strain 229E and those of the JIS Z 2801 standard adapted for the Escherichia coli CIP 53.126 bacteria.

Surfaces covered with Adhecal 13423-AM, Adhefilm 10447-AM and 10801 adhesive films were compared with unprotected control surfaces over the same timeframe, and researchers found that after one hour of activation of the Pylote technology into the surface, results, the films all demonstrated a log reduction in viral load of 1,54 log, corresponding to the removal of more than 90% of infectious virions (the complete, infective form of a virus outside a host cell, with a core of RNA and a capsid).

After 24 hours of activation, the log reduction in viral load was 3,46 log, corresponding to the removal of more than 99.9% of infectious virions. The results also showed a logarithmic reduction in the number of Escherichia coli CIP 53.126 bacteria of 5,28 log, corresponding to the removal of more than 99.999 % of bacteria present on surfaces following the 24-hour period.

Loïc Marchin, CEO of Pylote stated, “I am very happy and proud to see that our natural antimicrobial protection technology has seduced a player as solidly established in the aviation industry as Adhetec, a leader in aeronautical decoration and adhesive protection. The combination of our expertise and Adhetec’s is a big step forward in providing airlines fully operational, responsible and safe adhesive solutions, with an immediate impact on hygiene and the comfort of passengers and aircrew.

“Our technology is already qualified in paint applications for commercial aircraft. All of our employees are very proud to participate, with a technology we have been developing for 10 years, in controlling the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria in aircraft and to play an active role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” added Marchin.

Alexis Gabillon, CEO of Adhetec stated, “The passenger experience is at the heart of Adhetec’s developments, and we already offer solutions to our customers that enable cabin personalisation and protection of the interior surfaces. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down and called into question our travel habits. The innovation that we are launching on the market responds to this additional safety need in the cabin by adding an additional function to our products thanks to Pylote’s technology: the maintenance of microbiological hygiene. From now on, the main surfaces constituting the main points of contact (shelves, handles, IFE…) can be protected and become, on request, a communication support thanks to the printing possibilities offered by our products

“Very soon, we will apply the technology to all our interior product range, particularly Adheskin, which will open the way to optimised cabins in terms of microbiological hygiene without any compromise on other elements like uniqueness and aesthetics, aiming at an enhanced passenger experience.”

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