Sherwin-Williams launched cabin touch-up pen


Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has launched JetPen, a 2K fully-reactive paint that delivers the strength and crosslinked durability of aircraft paint with the ease of application of a pen and a fast-drying finish. The pen is suitable for use on aircraft exteriors and interior cabins at any point during the application or maintenance process, for touching-up chips, dings and scratches.

The JetPen is available in a variety of colours and meets the needs of small area corrosion control and critical rework on general aviation, business jets, commercial airlines and military aircraft. The disposable JetPen is an inexpensive alternative to buying a full gallon of paint, and allows for improved inventory control.

The pen features chisel and brush attachments, a spring-loaded valve for material flow control, and the applicator can hold up to 10cc. Within the pen, the hardener is separated by using a capsule which extends the shelf life of the topcoat colours to one year.

“Customers will love the simplicity of the product; just break it, shake it, and then repaint it,” stated Julie Voisin, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace’s global marketing manager. “No special equipment or training is required for application – the JetPen controls the amount of coating applied to the aircraft surface.”

The JetPen can be used on areas such as rivet heads, bolt heads, scratches, edges and access panels, and it can be colour-matched for almost any aircraft livery or fleet. The pen is available in Sherwin-Williams’ AMS 3095 certified Jet Glo Express High Solids Polyurethane topcoat and JetFlex Polyurethane cabin coatings, as well as its CM0483787 Chrome Hazard Free primer.

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