Thermoplastic sandwich panel system developed


Composites company SMTC has launched Dynatech, which it claims is the world’s first all-in-one thermoplastic sandwich panel system for aircraft and railway interiors.

The ready-to-be formed sandwich system can be used for the manufacturing of various complex parts, such as seats, overhead bins, sidewalls, trolleys, galleys, tables, bars or doors, and its makers claim it offers better thermic and acoustic isolation than traditional honeycomb panels. SMTC also states that Dynatech can help create new design opportunities as thinner layers of sandwich material can be used.

Martin de Groot, CEO of FITS Technology (the inventor of the process, which has been acquired by SMTC) explained, “In comparison with traditional sandwich systems, Dynatech is much less labour-intensive due to its automated processing. Dynatech now allows for extremely short cycle times for pressings of only a few minutes and it also outperforms the traditional materials in offering a maximum manufacturing time of 30 seconds per edge.”

The production of pilots has already started, qualifications are running and the first customers have received prototypes. Full commercial production will be begin in 2016.

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