ABC partners with Job Air Technic for interiors modifications


ABC International, an Italian Design Organization, has signed a partnership agreement with Job Air Technic, a maintenance organisation based at Leoš Janáček airport in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The cooperation will give Job Air Technic’s maintenance services the benefit of ABC International’s experience in aircraft cabin refurbishment and modification services, while ABC will benefit from Job Air Technic’s hangar services.

“The MRO business is evolving day by day. The unpredictable external circumstances that we are experiencing nowadays are nullifying all efforts to plan an effective strategy. The entire aviation supply chain is suffering from such an uncertain situation. When we speak about EASA Part21J services and cabin interiors parts, it is becoming more and more common that lessors and airlines are stuck in complex sourcing processes while their aircraft is already parked for maintenance,” stated Rodolfo Baldascino, chief commercial officer at ABC International.

Vladimír Stulančák, CEO & chairman of Job Air Technic added that, “Cabin activities are usually considered as the ‘final’ step of an aircraft reconversion or heavy maintenance project. For this reason, they are very often the main cause of repossession delays. Most times, MROs are obliged to retain the aircraft in the slot while awaiting the cabin material to arrive so the work can be completed. Randomly we notice the aircraft reaches the MRO slot with a draft Service Bulletin or without having neither any approved engineering data nor approved Service Bulletin for the necessary modifications. This condition causes major delays to the facility schedules and airlines operative plans”.

The partnership is aiming to keep aircraft grounded for the shortest time possible by enabling lessors and clients to access EASA Part21J engineering services and cabin interior products jointly with the Czech organisation’s maintenance duties, in order not to miss the scheduled release-to-service date.

The two companies say that the joint services will bring dual benefits to their customer bases. Firstly, the combination of ABC International’s Part 21J and Job Air Technic’s Part 145 services will minimise any stressful and time-consuming coordination between external DOAs and Job Air Technic’s technical department. Secondly, but crucial for a large number of operators, the integrated business model will enable ABC International and Job Air Technic to offer special rates.

“Having the full process under control allows Job Air Technic to plan any activity in a timely manner and to schedule our manpower activity in efficient way,” explained Stulančák. “For us it is extremely important to respect schedules and stay within the estimated/agreed times. A reliable planning of workforce is reflected in improved economics for the customer. Having a direct channel with ABC International for both Part 21J modification approval and the manufacturing of cabin interior kits reduces stand-by times and delays”.

As well as fast turnaround times, customers can benefit from reduced involvement in the modification process. The customer can simply make an enquiry and select the necessary cabin modification products during preliminary talks with Job Air Technic, well in advance of the maintenance check programmes in Ostrava.

“Planning is essential to meet clients’ expectations. We are prepared for any unpredictable circumstances and organised to support our customers with a problem-solving approach,” added Baldascino. “ABC International distinguished itself with its special capability to cover any request in very limited time. This is an indisputable advantage in tailor making each specific package for our customers. Job Air Technic, and the final customer, can rely on our skills to cover any last-second request that can’t be planned in advance. [For example] we have been able to supply a bilingual placard kit or a curtain kit, inclusive of approved data and Form One, in less than one week.”

The list of cabin modification services proposed to Job Air Technic clients will cover any conventional and unconventional cabin-related refurbishment needs. ABC International offers a variety of engineering solutions aimed at modifying cabin configurations in compliance with EASA standards. Such Part 21J solutions include LOPA, PSU, EEL, livery scheme modification and the relocation/installation of new monuments. Moreover, thanks to a ‘full package approach’, any cabin engineering modification package can be completed by ABC International with the supply of the related interior kit. The company’s stock of raw materials in its warehouse and wide network of local suppliers enables it to convert any request into a ‘ready to install’ cabin kit including, but not limited to, carpets, curtains, seat covers, partitions, movable class dividers, dog houses and more.

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