Passenger information lists integrated into FlyDesk


Allegiant Systems has developed a new version of its FlyDesk Cabin application, the ePIL (electronic passenger information list). The application is an iPad-based CRM program that provides crew with passenger information such as seat assignments, special service requests, meal preferences, loyalty programme status, history of past on-board purchases, etc. The application can be integrated into the carrier¹s departure control system, providing flight crew with up-to-date, real-time passenger information.

“An important element in creating brand loyalty (especially in an industry as driven by price as the airline industry) is making customers feel special and valued,” said Brian Mooney, CEO of Allegiant Systems. “The ePIL application makes this possible by providing cabin crew with all important passenger information on a single tablet, enabling exceptional, personalised service for every passenger.”

Uses of ePIL include being able to offer passengers the option to pay for purchases with loyalty points, the ability to offer on-board upgrades integrated into the airline¹s reservation system, and informing crew of passenger preferences. The application can also be used as a predictive demand tool, as it can help crew determine which products are most popular on each route to enable more accurate order management.

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