Smart technology uses six senses to improve the passenger experience


Aviation technology company, FliteTrak has developed a smart transmission box that can act as a single hub for its Viator data collection and sensing systems. This intelligent remote monitoring technology uses sensors to collect data and track any asset (such as an aircraft) or variable in real time, and transmits live data to users for monitoring or intervention. The system also records big data for analysis and diagnostics.

Small sensors are used to collect data, which is relayed to the transmission box and then streamed to a laptop, tablet, desktop, phone or watch for monitoring and intervention. For example, the system can monitor individual seats in airline cabins for movement and temperature, seatbelt closure as well as air quality and overhead locker activation.

The company is promoting the transmission box technology along the theme of drawing together senses:

  • Sight: End users can see on screen what is happening in real time and adjust with touchscreen technology. The system can also monitor light levels and link to small footprint digital camera technologies
  • Sound: Viator listens 24/7 for dangers and sends alerts before issues become critical
  • Smell: FliteTrak’s SpriteAero monitors air quality for potentially harmful substances
  • Touch: Pressure mapping for mattress and cushion comfort, vibration monitoring, and automation capabilities, plus touch-screen controls
  • Taste: Viatorsamples soils around crops in real time for pH levels and substances such as nitrogen and phosphates
  • Sixth Sense: Predictability and automatic intelligence – identifying issues and needs before they arise, with data used to enable machine learning

This VIDEO shows the system in action.


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