Skandia celebrates 40 years of flammability engineering and testing


In line with its mission statement of quiet, safety and comfort, Skandia is celebrating 40 years of its flammability engineering and testing laboratory, designed to help aircraft manufacturers, interior shops and completion centers conform to newly required flammability standards.

Today, Skandia has a full staff of flammability professionals which includes four DER and four DAR representatives. These Skandia DERs and DARs have an average tenure of 15.5 years employment in the flammability department. Skandia is recognized by both Boeing and Airbus as approved and preferred flammability vendors.

“Skandia has always strived to be a single source provider, a one-stop-shop for our customers. We can write the test plans, fabricate test specimens as well as perform all the testing in-house. Customers bring us their needs and we partner with them, achieving a certified and approved outcome,” said Jennifer Asbury, Skandia’s Flammability Supervisor and DER.

Skandia’s knowledge gained over the years gives them the expertise to work with TSO parts and materials such as 16G dress cover replacements for aircraft seats. “The depth of our collective industry experiences is pretty amazing,” said Asbury. “It gives us tremendous diversity in our approach to problem solving.” To help maintain the demanding delivery schedule customers expect, Skandia keeps commonly used materials in stock at the lab for test specimen fabrication. Materials such as foam, fasteners, panels and adhesives. All of which make the certification process run smoother

Additional capabilities of the Skandia Flammability lab surround heat release, smoke emissions and toxicity testing. Employing state of the art heat release and smoke emissions testing chambers, the quality of Skandia testing meets current ISO standards.

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