Aviation leaders push for more collaboration in circularity


World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) and the Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) are calling on the aviation industry to find a way to bring circularity into the topic of in-cabin waste (ICW), and to build a more sustainable future for in-flight food, drinks and amenities.

The ASF is using this year’s WTCE, taking place at Hamburg Messe, Germany from 6-8 June, as a platform from which to stress the need for stakeholders to come together to solve the problem of in-cabin waste. ASF is also urging international governments to adopt regulatory change and create a globally harmonised recycling and re-use protocol.

The ASF wants to solve what it calls the industry’s “throw-away” problem, by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and incineration – a solution it says will require the development of new policy and regulatory frameworks.

A report has been produced by WTCE and ASF, part of which explores the issues that may be holding back greater circularity. ASF’s founding partner, Matt Crane explained, “The ASF has recently completed a strategic review of the ICW issue to develop a clear and detailed campaign plan. Step-by-step this will address the problem, identify the solutions the sector can adopt, and open up our sector to the commercial and environmental benefits of a circular economy.”

The report includes voices from across the industry who detail how their businesses are working towards greater sustainability and circularity, and outline the problems they continue to face in doing so. Among the contributors are Simon Soni, who has led catering and guest services for airlines including Qatar, Etihad and WestJet; Wayne Costigan, partner at Global-C, which designs, manufacturers and delivers inflight products; June Weirich, environmental programme manager at LSG Group; Gayle Twigg, head of service delivery and projects at food solutions supplier En-Route; and Melanie Berry, director of customer experience at Iberia.

Polly Magraw, event director of WTCE, added: “This report really does bring home the opportunities for circularity in aviation, and importantly how to navigate the challenges in bringing projects to life.

“We know that carriers and their suppliers are very keen to put more initiatives in place and would find it so much easier if global regulations were harmonised to allow seamless systems across territories. Like the ASF, we believe that if airlines come together towards a common purpose, the industry will be much better placed to make true circularity happen.”

To read the full Circularity report go to www.worldtravelcateringexpo.com/circ

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