March 2022: From Finnair, to hybrid connectivity and seatback IFE


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Cover story: Finnair’s £200m long-haul upgrades

As Finnair approaches its centenary it has upgraded its long-haul experience, including an innovative business class seat. We got on board the first refitted A350 to find out more about the cabin designs and the thinking behind them

Interview: David Kondo

David Kondo, Finnair’s senior manager of customer experience and design strategy and a key player in the launch of the AirLounge business class, shares his views and insights on a life in aviation

Interview: Topi Manner

Topi Manner, president and CEO of Finnair, discusses why he is confident the airline will see a good return on its €200m cabin investments, and in the imminent recovery of aviation

Satellite synergy

There are big changes coming in the connectivity sphere, from Viasat’s US$7.3bn acquisition of Inmarsat, to a hybrid ATG, LEO and GEO satellite system. John Walton explores the effects of inter-operator and inter-satellite activity

IFE display innovation

While streaming IFE has proved ideal for some airlines, many others are seeing the value of seatback IFE displays as a key part of their branded inflight experience. The latest developments in display technology make embedded IFE systems an even more compelling proposition…

Comfort factors and sustainability

TU Delft is preparing the way for a positive passenger experience on board hydrogen-powered propeller aircraft. In a study on regular Lübeck Air ATR72 flights, the team investigated all aspects that influence cabin comfort, to calculate the best way to approach a sustainable flying experience

A new name in business class seating

There are opportunities for those that can identify unexploited market niches as the aviation sector recovers. A new company is launching, which plans to differentiate itself in the business class seating market with a bold but considered approach. Enter Unum Aircraft Seating

Cabin hygiene

While travel is opening up in many parts of the world, airlines still need to do all they can to help encourage passengers to return to the skies, with cabin hygiene being an important message. The latest developments could help make cabins cleaner while saving time and money

Column: Blake Emery

Blake and his expert associates discuss how they develop customer experience scales, citing the Dreamliner example

Column: Joe Leader

The CEO of APEX and IFSA hails the coming era of the hyperconnected airline 

Classic cabins 

In 2015 Finnair launched its A350-900 – the first delivery for a European carrier. The airline is comfortable with being a first-mover, as we recall that aircraft also being the launch platform for a new business class seat model

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