November 2021 issue: From accessibility to sustainability


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Next-generation aircraft cabin design

How will cabin and passenger experience design change as aviation enters its hydrogen-powered future? Aircraft Interiors International spoke with cabin design experts from Acumen, Factorydesign, JPA Design, Sekisui Kydex, LIFT Aero Design, Orson Associates, Tangerine and Teague, to gain their insights into the next stages of cabin evolution


Accessible lavatories

We have seen so many concepts and so much discussion about accessible lavatories, and indeed some great product launches. But why haven’t such innovations caught on widely enough? We explore the reasons for the slow rollout, potential effects from the pandemic response, and plans for the future

Passenger psychology for brand success

Covid-19 has necessitated changes to the flight experience, and created a new range of problems for crew. Insights from behavioural psychology can enhance safety compliance and passenger perception in this tricky period for airlines, boosting safety and satisfaction



Cabin lighting

From UVC to air filtration, cabin lighting is moving beyond illumination and helping create hygienic aircraft cabins. Take a look at the latest lighting innovations for cleaner cabins

Cost-effective design

As recovery is underway, many airlines are seeking cost-effective ways to lure travellers to the skies, and to attract them from their competitors. Industry experts give their ideas of how the inflight experience could be enhanced to tempt flyers into their fleet, with minimal financial outlay…

Cabin materials

The textiles, leather, synthetic leather, carpeting and thermoplastics sectors have been responding to strong demand from the public and industry to offer products that are more hygienic and sustainable. We bring you the latest developments

Column: Chris Wood
When is an accessible lavatory not an accessible lavatory? When it is on an aircraft. Chris Wood, founder of Flying Disabled, discusses how flying could – and should – become a more dignified and comfortable experience for disabled travellers

Column: Joe Leader
The APEX/IFSA CEO explains how the airline and aviation sectors can benefit from the USA’s relaxing of travel restrictions. A particular highlight is that the industry can benefit from APEX/IFSA Expo – an event which is attracting record numbers of delegates

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