Author Adam Gavine


Ever since his first flight on a TriStar, Adam has loved air travel, and since becoming editor of the Aircraft Interiors International brand he has really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with the latest aircraft and airline products before they are even launched. Adam co-ordinates the running of the magazine, from commissioning articles and artwork, to ensuring that high standards of quality are maintained, as well as managing online content. Adam is proud to sit on the jury of the Crystal Cabin Awards and to have laid on the bed in Etihad's Residence.

Image Galleries fred finn, the world's most frequent flyer, with a lamborghini and concorde

Fred Finn, the world’s most prolific flyer

Fred W Finn is officially the world’s most traveled person, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. With 15 million miles of flying under his belt, including 718 flights on Concorde, he has some rather special memories and momentoes

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