Author Keiko Enomoto


Sexism in aerospace

The results of the Aircraft Interiors International online poll asking ‘Why do you think there is still such a small proportion of female engineers in aviation?’ suggested that the cause is simply due to greater male interest in the sector. This is why the result is flawed – and why the aerospace industry needs to try harder to create true gender equality…


An overview of the 2017 Paris Airshow

Following a successful Paris show this year, an independent aviation consultant gives his view on the aircraft market and the battle for orders at Le Bourget. Let’s find out which aircraft cabins designers are most likely to be working on in the future


Increasing passenger loyalty through cabin branding

Intensifying competition is leading to a greater need for airlines to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Brand image and identity are key factors for success, and branding panels can help give airlines the brand visibility they need


Plan ahead to save money in galley loading

Insights from pricing and revenue management specialists can help developers find new ways to save money. Such savings found can help convince budget holders to reinvest in product development. The most important of these opportunities is in galley loading


First class thinking

Building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: the forgotten revenue case for first class. Here are nine compelling arguments for offering first class

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