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The Embraer E-Jet E2

For the E-Jet E2, the second generation of Embraer’s E-Jet, the airframer has gone all-out on the cabin design, creating a modular and easily customizable design with several innovations


236 seats in an A321?

TwinAisleFeeders takes a closer look at an A321 NEO fitted with LCC-pitched superslim seats and SpaceFlex lavs, and considers the implications for the passenger experience

Features virgin clubhouse gatwick 1990s

Lounge lizards and Daleks: the story of Virgin’s Clubhouses

Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouses are a massive part of the airline’s identity and why customers book with them. But where did they come from and how did Virgin end up with some of the best lounges in the world? It all began a long time ago at Gatwick and continues to this day


China Airlines B777-300ER

The world is being introduced to China Airlines’ beautiful B777-300ER at Paris Air Show this week. Join us for a look inside this captivating aircraft.


Cabin hygiene: keeping disease at bay

Having hundreds of people crammed into a confined space for long periods can be a recipe for dirt and disease. As concerns about Ebola grip the world, how can bugs and bacteria be banished from the cabin to help ensure healthy travelers?

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Celia Sawyer’s cool customers

Cool10 is one of the newest design companies to enter the aircraft interiors market. Meet the boss Celia Sawyer, who discusses Pilatus, luxury design, and the future


JetBlue Mint

Not only does US domestic carrier JetBlue’s new Mint class on its new A321 fleet include 12 lie-flat doubles that are the longest and widest in the US market, it also offers four private suites – a first in the domestic US market

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