Turkish Airlines: the beginnings


In the late 1950s Türk Hava Yollari – Turkish Airlines (THY) – took delivery of five V.794D series Viscounts, with Rolls-Royce Dart 510 engines

Turkish Airlines was initially established as a domestic carrier, but with the arrival of its Douglas DC-3s and C-47s the airline began international services. In 1947 the airline commenced Ankara–Istanbul–Athens flights

The DC-3 was developed in the 1930s as a larger, improved 14-bed sleeper version of the DC-2

Turkish Airlines began operating the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 in 1967

Two McDonnell Douglas DC-10s joined the Turkish Airlines fleet in 1973. The crew uniform was stylish and practical

The McDonnell Douglas fleet brought new travel and employment opportunities to Turkey

Turkish Airlines’ first international flight was from Ankara to Athens via Istanbul on 12 February, 1947

These crew members were helping build something special. Today Turkish Airlines flies to 120 countries from Istanbul Airport, with a young fleet of 372 aircraft

Turkish Airlines has gone from being an important employer, to a significant employer, now having more than 37,000 staff

Fokker F27 Friendships joined the fleet in the late 1950s

Turkish Airlines’ first general manager Fesan Evrensev (left) was born in 1878. He made his first flight on 26 April, 1912 as Turkey’s first pilot

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