Adapting operations in a pandemic


As the Covid-19 pandemic spread across our planet, the aerospace industry was especially hit hard as passengers who normally took to the air for travel found themselves grounded, and the world came to a screeching halt. Governments scrambled to support businesses and various industries, as they struggled to remain afloat during this crisis. Aerocovers was no exception to the difficulties facing economies around the world. While attending various webinars, Zoom calls and online meetings, as a guest Mark Cuban, the US-based billionaire entrepreneur stated, “Small businesses are going to have to be agile and resilient and try to find new ways to meet needs.”

Aerocovers decided to do just that. For example, in response to the growing need for PPE, the Aerocovers team began to research the best designs and materials for making face masks. We developed a process for producing them as quickly as possible and were able to donate close to 5,000 face masks to various hospitals in the Southern California and New York City areas. We then pivoted to face shields and plastic dividers, developing designs for each. Our sales team brought in new customers in the aftermarket seat cover industry and began producing a new laminated line of seat covers for various car models.

Finally, we created the website as we wanted to provide our current and potential partners with an enjoyable, insightful and visually pleasing online experience, and we believe that is exactly what we’ve accomplished. We pride ourselves in our process of designing, engineering, laminating, cutting and sewing, and took a similar approach on our cyber home and assembled a site that is functional and visually appealing.

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