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Travelers are used to entertaining themselves during a flight, especially on long-haul flights, through the seatback IFE screens. Can you explain how PXCom solutions offer a real innovation for inflight entertainment?

Cyril Jean, CEO:

“Currently, airline passengers have only a limited choice of features to occupy their time during a flight using the seatback screens: watch a movie or a TV series, listen to music, play games, or follow the flight path on the moving map.

“Passengers are now increasingly connected and the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is now part of the entire journey, before, during and after their stay. 97% of passengers use a mobile support during their trip.

“Furthermore, 80% of passengers read a tourist guide in paper form during their flight in order to prepare their stay at their destination.

“PXCom’s core business is to integrate a new feature in the IFE menu screens, by providing information on the destination.”

How will this new option enhance the passenger experience compared with a simple tourist guide?

“Passengers will have access to a fully interactive and entertaining destination guide of their destination. In addition to discovering the history and heritage of their destination, travelers can book activities from their seat, including skip-the-line tickets to museums or attractions, city passes, and even coupons for special offers. They can then store everything on their personal device.

What is the advantage of this type of content for tourism players?

“Besides the innovative experience from the standpoint of the passenger, PXCom solutions are a real asset for tourism professionals, who can communicate with a qualified and captive audience. The entertainment system on board aircraft becomes a veritable communication medium.”

What solutions do you offer to airlines?

“PXCom offers airlines a full range of solutions, adaptable according to their requirements, their target customers and budget. There are three major categories of distributable content: destination videos, interactive destination guides, and points of interest integrated in their moving maps.

“The multimedia guides are realized in partnership with well-known publishers of travel guides: Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor, Michelin, Insight Guides, Elite Guides, ArrivalGuides, AirGuide, etc.

“Moreover, PXCom’s applications may also be fully adapted to existing airline web content. In addition, they have the advantage of being cross-platform and provide responsive design content to complement inflight wi-fi.”

What is your business model?

“PXCom provides airlines with multimedia destination guides filled with content supplied by publishers. Then, thanks to its international network of advertising agencies, PXCom markets the new digital media to local advertisers, and shares profits with the airline: a win-win concept.”

You can meet PXCom at booth 928 at APEX Expo in Portland, USA from September 28 to October 1, 2015.

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