Understanding the needs of returning travellers in 2021


2021 has brought so much hope and positivity for travel – reigniting connections and supporting communities. Understanding the macro trends, the key drivers fuelling consumer behaviour and action, will help to support and reassure travellers as they plan.

The Buzz 2021 & beyond : Trends and Insights Report reflects the long-standing macro trends that have endured, even through the global pandemic. Our research has uncovered five key macro trends that will be critical in the year ahead as we look to return to travel.


Conscious luxury is the intersection of sustainability and luxury. Luxury has moved away from wasteful opulence towards the value inherent in conscious design. Consumers are being selective about which brands they are loyal to, supporting brands that demonstrate a meaningful purpose and support an honest journey to make their world better.


Clean is the new luxury. But clean experiences need not feel clinical. As people navigate the new Covid reality, they value the little luxuries, style or fun added to our sanitised world. Wellbeing needs have evolved with brand-led initiatives to encourage positive mental health, support happiness, and enrich mind and soul. Necessity is driving innovation in hygienic, antimicrobial materials and touch-free solutions.


The pandemic has reignited the deep importance of communities to our global wellbeing. Communities that are filled with hope and positivity for the future, are inspired to make positive changes for the greater good. Messages focussing on unity, the power of togetherness and positive mindsets are powerful and inspiring.


As the world emerges from their homes and embraces travel again, consumers will have a new relationship with space. With necessary hygiene protocols and more space between us, it is easily possible for experiences to become impersonal and feel distant. Brands have the opportunity to design a contactless experience catering to consumer needs, delighting the senses and not compromising on service.


Since 2020, consumers are now demanding purposeful and meaningful engagement. A deeper level of authenticity, coupled with ingenuity, will reward those who seek to build enriched collaborations. Brands and creatives partnering to ignite their talents, merge cultures or who wish to entwine their brand essence or vision, can yield great value in the eyes of consumers who want more reasons to support, engage and share.

Buzz is a global design company that creates signature moments for travel. For two decades, Buzz has partnered with leading airlines, hotels, cruise and rail brands to reimagine travel.

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