A lightweight seat in three varieties: ZIM launches the ZIMLite series


ZIM Aircraft Seating has launched a lightweight seat in three flavours: the ZIMLite series S, M and L, which you have no doubt worked out means versions suitable for short, medium and long-haul operations.

The seat is easy-to-assemble, with a minimised parts count, for an increased service life and reduced maintenance costs. The structural design also allows for different configurations, enabling flexible deployment options.

The mid-haul version of ZIMLite

The comfort levels rise in line with the intended flight lengths, with a newly defined Smart Surface Design Concept employed to give the passenger a greater sense of space in the seat. ZIM is offering a Comfort Package, specially developed for this range of seats, with options including various configurable seat covers and cushions in combination with scaled seat geometry.

Sven Achilles, CEO of ZIM Aircraft Seating, said of the ZIMLITE: “The new flight seat is even lighter than its predecessor thanks to its resource-saving design, and saves the airlines even more fuel. At the same time, it meets all safety requirements and offers passengers a significant plus in comfort. We are very excited to see how the seat will be received by the airlines at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.”

The long-haul version of ZIMLite

ZIM collaborates with AerQ

ZIM Aircraft Seating has also entered into a collaboration to integrate AerQ’s Aerena Inseat System into its ZIMLite L long-haul seat. The idea is to work towards a digitised cabin.

Features of the Aerena IFE platform include rapid content updates, changes of UI and app management within days, integration of passenger devices, Bluetooth pairing, and a 4K viewing experience.

“The integration of AerQ’s state-of-the-art inseat system will enhance the passenger experience as it complements the comfort of our seats with a cinematic viewing experience,” said Sven Achilles.

The ZIM and AerQ teams showing their work at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg

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