ATR targets high-end markets with new cabin collection


Regional aircraft manufacturer ATR today unveiled ATR HighLine, its new collection of high-end cabins designed for commercial and business operators. The ATR HighLine collection comprises five main cabin configurations intended to cover the varying operational needs of air carriers.

The collection comprises:

  • Multi-Class: a spacious cabin layout with a 50-seat interior including a dedicated first class.
  • Premium-Flex: this brings the capabiliity to quickly convert standard double-seats into single premium seating with ATR’s ‘X-Space Table’ concept. Thi option is aimed at boutique airlines and charter operators.
  • All-Business Class: These cabins can accommodate up to 30 guests, to match the requirements of Part 135 and semi-private airlines.
  • Multi-Section: interiors suited to transporting Heads of State and government representatives.
  • Bespoke VIP: this option can be tailored to reflect personal lifestyles, operator needs or high-end destinations requiring a luxurious experience.

ATR’s head of business development, Tarek Ben Omrane, said of the HighLine collection: “ATR aims to disrupt the regional travel industry from within by creating a superb onboard atmosphere and using the lowest emission technology on the market. Equipped with the ATR HighLine cabins, our aircraft offer the same cabin size as the largest business jets while cutting carbon emissions in half. We are the only aircraft manufacturer in the world to offer this”.

The Highline All-Business Class option

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