A third of passengers sit on Recaro seats


According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), tourism is on the rise. UNWTO data shows that in 2018 there were a record 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals, a rise of 6% compared to 2017. And of those 1.4 billion flyers, Recaro Aircraft Seating estimates that 30% are likely to travel in a Recaro economy class seat.

With a view to ensuring comfort for these passengers, the company has created a range of three comfort elements for long-haul economy class seating, designed to enable better body posture, a better ability to change sleeping positions, and a reduction of pressure points.

The first comfort feature is the Abrazo Headrest, with flip-down head supports to aid sleeping. The height of the headrest can also be adjusted to fit a wide range of passenger sizes. The second feature is the Extended Seat Bottom, which increases the size of seating surface to better support the upper leg and parts of the lower leg, and reduces pressure points. The third feature is the Flip Cushion, which helps to support the lower lumbar area in a cradle or sleeping position. This range of sleeping comfort features earned Recaro a 2019 Crystal Cabin Award.

The high literature pocket increases knee space in economy class

Previous passenger comfort features developed by Recaro include the high literature pocket, which increases economy passenger living space, the six-way headrest with neck support, and a table with an integrated tablet holder.

The integrated tablet holder is useful for flights with wireless IFE

“Our vision of ‘driving comfort in the sky’ is truly at the centre of our innovations. Recaro combines premium comfort, superior quality and extreme lightweight design in all its seats and we will continue to invest in further raising the bar on all three points,” stated Dr Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro.

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