Same comfort, less space, more revenue, claims TIMCO


A Cabin Optimisation solution has been released by TIMCO Aerosystems which focuses on considering an individual airline’s specific service and marketing goals to create a new cabin layout that makes use of otherwise under-used areas, while freeing space for additional revenue-generating seats. Through the redesign and relocation of selected monuments such as lavatories and galleys, the company says that its engineers can effectively reconfigure existing cabin layouts to add new rows of seats to generate additional revenue from each flight.

TIMCO claims that its FeatherWeight range of replacement galleys and lavatories can maintain the same levels of passenger service, while lowering weight and using less space. Meanwhile, the FeatherWeight line of economy and premium economy seating can be installed at a tight pitch without sacrificing comfort and living space, says the company.

Furthermore, TIMCO says that Cabin Optimisation can even result in the generation of enough revenue to support the case for an investment in new seating throughout the cabin.

Rick Salanitri, president of the company, explained, “Airlines have been struggling with finding a balance among sometimes competing goals in the cabin. They are striving to find ways of improving cabin economics, while also ensuring passengers are comfortable and well-treated to solicit their loyalty. We believe our new, customised approach will help airlines to realise all of their goals while covering the costs of their cabin refurbishment investment.”

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