Emirates to reveal “completely revised” first class


Emirates has revealed that it will be premiering something rather special at the Dubai Air Show in November 2017: its new first class suites. The airline has described the suites as a “completely revised design” and they will be first introduced into its Boeing 777-300ERs, with six private suites in a 1-1-1 configuration instead of the current eight in 1-2-1 arrangement.

Details are scarce at present, but expect Pierrejean Design to be involved in the project, and for the color and trim scheme to be a little more conservative than in the current suites, in line with Emirates’ recent onboard product reveals, including the A380 bar and Boeing 777-300ER business class. If installed across the entire fleet, the project represents a major investment, as Emirates operates the largest Boeing 777 fleet in the world, with 162 aircraft of this type.

Above: Emirates is installing new lie-flat B/E Aerospace business class seats into its B777-300ERs, in a 2-3-2 layout

“Our products and services are being developed and improved continuously across all classes. But what our passengers will see in the new Emirates B777 fleet from November, will be the raising of the on board experience to the next level,” stated Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline. “All cabins will shine with completely new designs [the airline has also indicated there will be innovation in the economy cabins]. We are excited to finally present the results of the many years of planning and development which have been put into the new first-class offer and the entire Emirates B777 experience.”

Below: The removal of two suites indicates an increase in size of the remaining six suites, possibly in response to Middle East rival Etihad’s spacious offerings (pictured). In 2003, Emirates was the first airline to introduce private suites in first class, and it will be keen to be the best again with the new suites

Below: Expect the color, material and finish schemes to complement the new Emirates A380 onboard lounge

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